How to proceed to become a Space Mentor or Mentee?

  • Click on “Be Mentor or Mentee” and read the “Conditions” and “Code of Ethics”.
  • There are:
    • 3 types of Space Mentors:  Industrialist/ Professor, Researcher, PhD/ Institutionalist.  
    • 2 types of Space Mentees:  Bachelor to PhD students and Young Professional.
  • If you agree with the conditions and accept the code of ethics (in case of Mentorship), click on “Register”, select your situation, i.e. Mentor or Mentee, and fill in the form completely.
  • You will receive a registration confirmation by e-mail which will give you access to the private site of YouSpace containing all the information about the Space Mentors & Space Mentees.
  • In case you wish to update or correct your CV, inform:
  • Important!
    • The Space Mentee must choose his/her Space Mentor. 
    • When you agree on a mentoring relationship, it is necessary to inform:
    • A “not available” icon will be placed next to your profile.

We wish you a strong and fruitful mutual relation!!