Mentorship conditions

The mentoring

Is an interpersonal relationship of support, exchange and/or learning, in which an experienced person invests his/her acquired wisdom and expertise to help another person to acquire skills and to reach professional objectives.

The Mentor

  • is an experienced person, often working in Belgium who has the knowledge and wisdom to enhance the transfer of his/her assets to other less experienced people.
  • is motivated to offer his/her skills, knowledge and vision of life/career to a younger person, to support him/her in achieving his/her personal and professional objectives.
  • supports towards success the student and makes him/her benefit from his/her network of contacts.
  • assists the student in finding the topic of his Master work and/or PhD thesis related or not to the industry or laboratory needs, advise the student in his vocational guidance and accompanies him/her throughout his Master and/or PhD.
  • introduces the student to the professional sector and accompanies him/her in the various space events.

The Mentee:

  • Is a bachelor, Master or PhD student or a young professional studying space sciences or interested to make a career in the Space sector.
  • She/he studies in Belgium or is a Belgian student
  • He/she:  
    • is motivated to take advantage of the knowledge, the skills, the values ​​offered by a senior, in order to achieve more easily his/her personal and professional goals.
    • understands the importance of the mentorship within his/her profession and wishes to become, one day, a Mentor.

The success of the mentoring relationship involves to:

  • Create a link of trust
  • Define the relationship objectives
  • Know one’s own limits
  • Continue, modify or stop the relationship
  • Make a first report after 3 months of the mentoring relation to the team of YouSpace, then each year and the last one at the end of the Master or PhD
  • Maintain periodic contact with the Mentor, i.e. keeping the Mentor involved and up-to-date
  • Meetings can be face to face, by skype, video conference…
    • Frequency: 1 x / month minimum
  • Do not expect the Mentor to do the homework. Perform the tasks assigned on time.