Welcome to YouSpace

Space is not just contemplating beautiful Hubble Space Telescope pictures, nor is it being an astronaut !

We are indeed witnessing a real overhaul of the space sector and of its jobs. Up to a few years ago, the main part of the space actors consisted of engineers in the aerospace business, or astrophysicists and planetologists for the scientific aspects. Such a restriction gave the space domain an almost impenetrable reputation.  However, with the multiplication of the space applications, the types of jobs have considerably increased and diversified; such a trend will definitely develop in the years to come.

The European space industry, which is undoubtedly expanding, will be confronted in the next 10 years with many retirements as well as with a huge development of space applications. There thus exists a real challenge: the transmission of knowledge in this highly technical level sector will not be without consequences on its competitivity and innovation. It is therefore mandatory to anticipate such a turnover and to foresee a series of actions in order to better motivate students towards scientific and technical curricula.  

The European space sector employs about 35000 people whose average age is 44, and whose 48-58 slice represents 35%: the estimated yearly need for young graduates is at the 1500/2000 level in the sole space sector, without taking into account the civil aeronautics sector.

Belgium does not escape from such a worrisome situation; so it is urgent that the scientific and technical studies, particularly linked to space, become more attractive, and that better links be created between universities and industries in the space domain. Our aim is to anticipate the forthcoming lack of graduates in order to avoid our industries being put against the wall in terms of innovation and competitiveness.

The YouSpace platform is created essentially to enable a coaching of university students and to advice young graduates and professionals by professionals from the Space sector coming from industry or from academia, research organizations and scientific institutions, through a Mentor/Mentee scheme which is developed hereafter.

As early as at the beginning of the forthcoming academic year a “Space Mentors in Universities” meeting will be organized between students and professionals who will explain not only their core business but also the huge potential of space applications.

° thanks to the expertise at SCK•CEN ( Mol )