1. Amplify the "Be a Space Mentor"/"Be a Space Mentee" operation in order to favor the transfers of competences, and to "coach" the students all along their Master and/or Ph.D. paths.

  2. Make a yearly presentation of the core-business of all three space areas, i.e. engineering, applications, research, in all Belgian universities and engineering schools, while inviting all the students in the faculties of sciences and applied sciences. This is the aim of the "YouSpace in Universities" operation.

  3. Anticipate the development of space applications in order to inform the students on the numerous jobs accessible in all space-related disciplines  (see "Careers" under the "Study" section, presently in preparation).

  4. Organize every two years a "Space jobs fair" entirely dedicated to the space sectors, in collaboration with all universities, research centers and industries of Belgium.

  5. Exchange information between:
    • Industries and laboratories concerning their research needs;
    • Universities, research labs and engineering schools or faculties that will explain their researches and works in order to increase the industries’ performances as well as to early on immerse the students in the entrepreneurial world.

  6. Increase the awareness of the political authorities (both federal and regional) on the importance of the following issues:
    • the internships in industries or research centers must be mandatory  and must last six months;
    • Ph.D. students ought to be hired part-time in industries so that high-level university elements can do research in industries, and that, also, the younger generation would thus find the means to finance their studies without losing contact with the professional sector.

  7. Create a Master in “Space affairs” common to the French- and Flemish- speaking universities, while taking advantage of their respective, and complementary, specificities and competences.