YouSpace in university meets students and researchers 22nd November 2016

Again a great even with ULB & VUB


We bring together students and young professionals with industry leaders, professors and other experts. Mentoring is about meeting, discussing, advising, coaching, sharing and potentially establishing relationships based on trust.

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Did you know that almost every sector is linked to Space? The impressive development of Space Applications gives the opportunity to students of many different fields such as: Agronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Geography, Medicine, Law, Management ....
If you are interested in space, you can further specialize in this very exciting sector.

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Space industry in Belgium always needs new talent! Yes, they hire Engineers and also Finance, Accounting, HR Managers as well as biologists, lawyers… and other specialists.

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Why Choose Space Industry?

The sky is no limit 

The space industry is linked to almost all industries and the latest innovation on Earth. 

Young industry with senior experts

With an average age of 44 and an age range of 49-58 representing up to 35% of the total staff in Europe! 

The Space sector recruits!

The need for young graduates in the space sector is estimated at around 1.500 and 2.000 students per year in Europe!

Finally! It’s amazing! 

The space industry is one of the most exciting industries with success stories, immense innovation potential and ground-breaking research results. 

Mentoring relations


Mentoring is a powerful tool for personal development and empowerment.

Are you a Professional? Help a Young Professional or a Student to maximize their potential, develop skills, improve performance and become an expert in the space industry. 

Are You a Student?  Find your Mentor from the professionals in YouSpace or attend our “Meeting Mentors / Mentees” events.  

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YouSpace in ULB/VUB


Again a great even with ULB & VUB

YouSpace in UNamur


Two experts explain their career path, job and job opportunities in their company:

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